Knowing Your Finances

In all divorces, one of the many issues that require resolution is the division of property and debt. However, before any decision, regarding who gets what after the divorce, understanding what both spouses own together is essential. Without this information, a proper settlement can’t be made. The following is a vital set of information that […]

Visitation Rights Of Grandparents In A Divorce.

Grandparents may sometimes petition the courts by attempting to acquire reasonable rights of visitation for a child that is a minor. This visitation will only be considered if the grandparent of the child does not have any restriction from seeing the child so far. In determining the visitation of a grandparent,  The court would generally consider the following […]

Posting On Social Media.

Maybe it’s tempting to make the other spouse of the marriage jealous by flaunting pictures of vacations or expensive new appliances on social media. It is entirely rational for couples to want to show off that their lives are great. However, this may affect property division or alimony payments as it can be deemed as […]

How Can Divorce Affect Adoption

Often married couples decide to adopt children for various reasons. The thought of divorcing never occurs to the parents-to-be. But sometimes things go downhill, and the marriage ends up falling apart. So what happens to the adoption process if a divorce comes to play? The answer to this varies depending on which stage of the […]