Visitation Rights Of Grandparents In A Divorce.

Grandparedivorce attorney Orlandonts may sometimes petition the courts by attempting to acquire reasonable rights of visitation for a child that is a minor. This visitation will only be considered if the grandparent of the child does not have any restriction from seeing the child so far. In determining the visitation of a grandparent, 

The court would generally consider the following information:

  •  If the visitation by the grandparent would be in favor of the child involved.
  • If the grandparent visitation would interfere with the child-parent relationship or would interfere with the parent’s authority for the child.
  • The nature of the relationship between the child and grandparent would be considered. This includes:
  •  The contact and how frequently contacted.
  • The time spent living with the grandparent.
  • The relationship between the parent of the child and the grandparents.
  • The circumstances of the situation that may have caused any absence of a family with constraints such as death or divorce.
  • The recommendation of visitation by the child’s guardian or other closely related family members of the child.

When it comes to grandparents’ visitation rights, the right to bring a lawsuit into motion can be enforced for reasonable visitation over the parent’s opposition. However, in all cases, the action should be done in the best interest of the children or else the courts in Florida would dismiss the case.

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