Posting On Social Media.

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Maybe it’s tempting to make the other spouse of the marriage jealous by flaunting pictures of vacations or expensive new appliances on social media. It is entirely rational for couples to want to show off that their lives are great. However, this may affect property division or alimony payments as it can be deemed as proof for frivolous spending.

During the marriage, both spouses’ income are considered as marital property or marital funds. If one of the parties to the marriage used the matrimonial funds to pay for their extravagant vacations and appliances, the court has the legal right to deduct that frivolous spending from the spouse’s marital share.

Another case could be a situation where both parties are separated or divorcing and one of the spouses posts proof of extravagant spending. This may be used as evidence to suggest additional income by the individual which could be used as the spousal support or for child support.

Exposure of an affair:

In some instances, one of the parties to the marriage may be committing adultery which could affect alimony. There may be specific risks when it comes to sharing information on the internet via social media applications during a divorce. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is required that the individual deactivate their accounts on social media permanently.
It can simply be stated that the individual should be careful about what they do when using social media.

The presence of a competent divorce lawyer Orlando would be able to provide clients with the right amount of information and support required regarding these situations.

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