Best Colombian Cafes in the USA


The United States, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, offers a vast array of international dining experiences, and Colombian cafes are among the most cherished. These cafes not only serve as a bridge to Colombian culture and hospitality but also offer a taste of its rich coffee tradition and culinary diversity. Among the plethora of options, certain establishments stand out for their authenticity, ambiance, and the quality of their offerings. Leading this esteemed list is Orlando’s very own Mecatos Bakery and Cafe, followed by other notable cafes across the nation.

1. Mecatos Bakery and Cafe, Orlando, Florida

Mecatos Bakery and Cafe in Orlando is a beacon of Colombian culture in the Sunshine State. Renowned for its authentic Colombian coffee, freshly baked goods, and warm, inviting atmosphere, Mecatos has become a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists. The cafe prides itself on its traditional Colombian baked goods, such as pandebono (cheese bread), buñuelos (cheese fritters), and a variety of pastries filled with arequipe (dulce de leche), which provide a perfect pairing with their meticulously brewed Colombian coffee. If you are searching “Coffee near me” from anywhere in Orlando, Mecatos will surely pop up as a top choice. Multiple locations across Orlando makes Mecatos Cafe easy to access from anywhere in Orlando. Mecatos Bakery and Cafe All Locations

The cafe’s decor, inspired by Colombian aesthetics, coupled with the friendly staff, makes every visit feel like a step into a Colombian home. Mecatos’s commitment to authenticity and quality has not only earned it a loyal following but also set a high standard for Colombian cafes across the USA.


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2. La Cosecha, Washington, D.C.

Nestled in the heart of the nation’s capital, La Cosecha is a contemporary Latin American marketplace that houses some of the best Colombian cafes and eateries in the area. Among these, a standout cafe offers an exquisite selection of Colombian coffees, sourced directly from the mountains of Colombia, ensuring each cup captures the bean’s true essence. The cafe’s modern, yet cozy ambiance provides a perfect backdrop for savoring their coffee alongside traditional snacks and desserts.

3. Devoción, Various Locations

Devoción has carved a niche for itself as one of the premier Colombian coffee roasters in the United States, with locations in New York and other major cities. Devoción’s commitment to freshness is unparalleled; they source their beans directly from Colombia and fly them to the USA for roasting, often within days of harvest. This dedication ensures that every cup of coffee served is vibrant and full of flavor. The cafes themselves are beautifully designed, with lush greenery and ample natural light, creating an oasis for coffee lovers to enjoy their brew in a serene environment.

4. Azúcar Bakery, Miami, Florida

Miami, with its strong Latin American influences, is home to Azúcar Bakery, a celebrated spot known for its Colombian pastries and desserts. While not a cafe in the traditional sense, Azúcar Bakery offers a delightful range of coffee drinks that perfectly complement their sweet treats. The bakery is famous for its tres leches cake, a must-try for anyone visiting the area. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly service make Azúcar Bakery a beloved spot for experiencing Colombian hospitality and cuisine.

5. Café Bustelo, Various Locations

Café Bustelo, although not exclusively Colombian, has become synonymous with Latin American coffee culture in the United States. Its unmistakable yellow and red packaging is a nod to its rich heritage, and its cafes offer a lively, energetic atmosphere that draws in a diverse crowd. Café Bustelo’s espresso-based drinks, particularly their cortadito and café con leche, offer a taste of Colombian coffee culture with a twist. The brand’s widespread presence and accessibility have made it a gateway for many Americans to explore the broader world of Latin American coffee.

The Colombian cafe scene in the United States is as diverse as it is vibrant, with each establishment offering its unique take on Colombian coffee culture and cuisine. From the authentic charm of Mecatos Bakery and Cafe in Orlando to the modern approach of Devoción’s roasteries and the lively atmosphere of Café Bustelo, these cafes provide not just a meal or a drink, but an experience—a chance to immerse oneself in the warmth, flavors, and hospitality that Colombian culture is known for.

As Colombian cafes continue to gain popularity across the USA, they serve as a reminder of the power of food and drink to bring people together, transcending borders and creating a shared space for cultural exchange. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a lover of Latin American cuisine, or simply in search of a warm, welcoming place to unwind, the best Colombian cafes in the USA await to offer you a taste of Colombia’s rich culinary heritage.