How Would Divorce Affect Adoption?

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Adopting a child is an important decision. When married couples seek to adopt a child, it is unlikely that the couple would even consider divorce. However, divorce could happen to all parents including adoptive parents.
Adopting a child would create legal relationships between the child and the parents that would last a lifetime.

Divorce after adoption:

A marriage of adoptive parents could come to an end the same way it does for biological parents. However, the rights and responsibilities of adoptive parents wouldn’t change. In most cases of divorce, the adoptive parents would share joint legal custody of the child and perform their duties according to the child’s best interest. Alternatively, one of the spouses may gale sole custody of the child while the other would have visitation rights.

Divorce during Adoption:

In certain situations where adoption hasn’t yet been finalized, a divorce between the potential parents of the adoptive child may be affected by that process. While the involvement of birthparents still stands, they may be able to terminate the parental rights of the adoptive parents and conditioned on the child being adopted by a married couple. A divorce may give birth parents the legal right to do so.

The law that surrounds the process of divorce and adoption could be incredibly complicated and could vary from state to state. Additionally, each case involved would be unique. Seeking and hiring an appropriate Orlando FL divorce lawyer may be able to assist the couple by providing them with the relevant information required to settle the case.

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