Chances Of Getting Child Custody In Divorce

Orlando child custody attorney
Whether or not a spouse ends up with child custody depends on two factors:

1- Whether you and your spouse can compromise.
2-If you’re not – will the evidence and testimony you present be enough to grant you custody according to the child’s best interest.

Compromise of spouses:

If spouses are able to work together to decide on sensitive subjects such as child custody, it’s best to keep that between spouses rather than put it in the hands of the court. Family courts are strangers to the spouses, and while they have to apply the laws of custody, their depiction of the law may not appeal to the spouses involved. Additionally, judges are also people. However, they may come from different backgrounds and may not exactly be able to interpret spouses’ cases in an entirely understanding manner.

Spouses can both make their own decisions about their child without having to go to courts. They can utilize the help of attorneys to get an idea of how to divide child custody accordingly.

However, if either spouse in the relationship has experienced abuse or unfairness throughout, they can speak to a judge about who gets custody.

Divorce trial:

If spouses are unable to decide who gets child custody, they’ll have to go to trial. His means if they do, they’ll have to testify on their own behalf and may sometimes be put in the witness stand.

The ultimate motive of going to the courts for the final trial is to be able to harmonize all the evidence of the case to identify who gets custody. This is done to ensure what is in the best interest of the child.

However, before moving through the entire custody process, it is essential to have someone on their side to guide them through the process. A competent Orlando child custody attorney would be able to do just that.

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