How To Prevent Hidden Conflicts That May Trigger A Crisis

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After multiple years of marriage, spouses may find themselves having the same fights repeatedly. If this tends to keep happening, someday it may go a little deeper than that and hit the fault lines of the relationship. Once that happens, it starts to get personal and the entire image about the person presumed to be “the one” begins to shatter. Like the state of an earthquake, fault lines in a relationship are submerged in an entirety of all feelings of unexpressed anger, resentment, and distrust.

A few ways to prevent the marriage from falling through the cracks of the fault lines could include:

• Conflicts shouldn’t be left to go underground.
Taking the risk to discuss all feelings regarding a situation in real time may seem like a death trap, but once things are resolved in this aspect, it opens doors for better emotional intimacy.

• Approaching differences without hostility.
Lovingly approaching the spouse can have a significant impact on how the conflict is resolved. Losing temper and triggered hostility could bury the conflict deep underground, which would merely cause it to become an unresolved issue.

• Creating awareness of each other’s vulnerabilities.
Being gentle with criticism is critical in problem resolution with married couples. Not all conflicts can be resolved in a neat manner. However, rather than letting get buried, openly discussing matters would offer a great deal of positivity between the couple.

• Realizing perfection doesn’t exist.
Marriage is a lot of work, expecting the perfect spouse is unrealistic. Emphasis on what works and what doesn’t create value in the relationship.

Conflict and fault lines are generally the base of a staggering root cause for marital problems. However, there are multiple cases where marriage simply doesn’t work. In these cases, couples should find it in their best interest to do whatever possible to have a clean break. Consulting the Best divorce lawyers in Orlando would allow the dysfunctional couple to be able to identify all matters that require resolving and would ensure a neat break.

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