Grounds For Divorce: Is Your Spouse Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol?

best Orlando divorce lawyersAddiction is actually a more serious disease than it’s let out to be. An addict, himself/herself, would be able to guarantee everyone than addiction is a filthy habit that’s incredibly hard to kick. This disease has known to be incredibly dangerous and can affect millions of families in the United States alone. Different people can suffer from various forms of substance abuse. In some cases, substance abuse can lead to a spouse considering filing for divorce. Substance abuse is a problem that has broken apart multiple marriages around the world. If someone is suffering from their spouse being an alcohol or drug abuser, it is essential to do something about it. The best Orlando divorce lawyers can help.

Generally, nearly all states in the country would recognize no-fault divorce. However, to be able to be granted a divorce, it is necessary to provide the courts with a legally acceptable reason. This reason for the divorce is known as the grounds for divorce.
A no-fault divorce is usually the breakdown of marriages. This means that the divorce isn’t working and there is no chance for reconciliation.

Fault-based divorce, on the other hand, allows a spouse to blame the other spouse for misconduct that may have been the reason for the marriage to end. A few of the common fault-based reasons for divorce are:

• Adultery.
• Alcohol abuse.
• Substance abuse.
• Cruelty.
• Insanity.

In some cases, however, individual states in the country won’t allow a spouse to use substance abuse as a reason for divorce is he/she knew about the issue when he married the addict.

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