How Can Divorce Affect Adoption

Often married couples decide to adopt children for various reasons. The thought of divorcing never occurs to the parents-to-be. But sometimes things go downhill, and the marriage ends up falling apart. So what happens to the adoption process if a divorce comes to play?Best Orlando Divorce Attorney

The answer to this varies depending on which stage of the adoption process you are in right now. In some cases, the adoption has been finalized when the couple files for divorce. In these cases, absent fraud, the adoption will remain as it is. Other issues do result from separation such as child support, time-sharing, and the parenting plan, etc. These issues will be settled in the same way as with biological children.

But what happens if the adoption is still underway when the couple decides to file for divorce? In these cases, the separation can affect the adoption. Adoption agencies prefer to place children in homes with a stable environment. And as divorce will technically break the family apart, such cases will not be a preferred option. Also, biological parents have to terminate their parental rights for the adopting parents to assume those. The divorce of the adopting parents may discourage the biological parents to give up their rights.

Each case happens under different circumstances. So what applies to one situation may not necessarily be right for another. Therefore, contact the a Divorce Attorney to find out what applies to yours.

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