Prepping Before X-ray Equipment installation

When any facility seeks to purchase x-ray equipment, optimal quality products should be acquired such as GE xray equipment. Multiple steps should be taken before the installation process begins once the equipment has been purchased. Some of these steps that need to be taken are essential to ensure the practitioners receive the necessary compliance with […]

Supplier Collaboration From HGINT

Supplier Collaboration: The acceleration of business productivity In a world where technology advances significantly, businesses need to keep up with all current methods which allow them to compeer with the rapidly changing market, demands of the customers, manufacturing and supply strategies which has become the critical factors for a successful business. Harrington Group Supplier Management […]

No More Claustrophobia

Physicians generally make use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions that can typically only be identified through the use of x-ray machines or magnetic fields. MRI equipment gives a detailed image of the internal structures of the body. The imaging of this equipment has significantly evolved over […]

Corrective Action Software

The Corrective Action Software introduced by Harrington Group International is the ideal solution that has been designed to maintain records and keep track of all corrective actions at anytime from anywhere in the world. All businesses operating in all industries have to manage their corrective action needs efficiently to ensure that issues that arise are […]

Medical Mouse From Seal Shield

Seal Shield Products: Medical Mouse The computer mouse is a standard data input method for a desktop computer, and so it becomes a most touchable peripheral of a computerized system. Then automatically the mouse become a pool of harmful pathogens and devote a higher degree of contribution to the cross contamination infections in hospital environments. […]

Infection Control keyboards

The report results of the estimations carried out by Disease control centers in USA show that 1.7 million patients who have admitted for a reason other than an infection, acquire hospital acquired infections(HAIs) per year in the USA and 5% of them die each year from a deadly disease caused by an HAI. HAI is […]

Medical keyboard For Infection Control

The medical officers and health advisors often guide the public to wash their hands properly to reduce diseases and prevent cross contamination. It is quite important to follow these cleaning procedures in a hospital or a healthcare environment as they have a higher percentage to spread disease causing germs. But multiple studies confirm that the […]

Medical Keyboards In USA

Recent research has discovered the keyboards used in hospitals is one of the main transmission media for disease causing microorganisms due to higher contamination and inconvenience of cleaning. Then is when, the seal shield medical keyboards provide a low-cost, high-impact solution for a disinfected healthy medical environment. As a leading disinfect electronic device developer, Seal […]