Modern Fluoroscopy

orthoscan mini c arm

The term “Fluoroscopy” can also be identified as real-time or “live” x-ray imaging. This procedure has been around in clinical usage a short while after the discovery of x-rays by Roentgen. The history of fluoroscopes was merely a source of x-ray on a fluorescent screen. This was between where the patient was placed. After moving through the patient, the beam upon the screen produced a glow that was visible and directly observed by the medical practitioner.

In modern times, the fluorescent screen collaborates with an electronic device which them amplifies and changes the glowing light into a video signal which is suited for the ability to be presented on the electronic display.

One of the most significant benefits of using modern systems compared to traditional procedures of fluoroscopy is that the fluoroscopist needn’t stand within the vicinity of the screen to view the real-time image. This then results in a considerable reduction in the dose of radiation to the fluoroscopist. The patient being examined would also experience a less amount of radiation due to the amplification and the efficiency of the imaging system.

Fluoroscopy has become one of the most widely used processes in being able to perform internal surgeries live by being able to view the patient’s internal structure.
This procedure has drastically evolved from one of the most uncomplicated methods into an incredibly sophisticated and advanced technology with 3D capabilities.

With the advancement of fluoroscopic technology, medical practitioners should be able to identify and make use of the right piece of equipment to establish the best results.
One of the most significant developments in this field was the introduction of the OrthoScan mini c arm which is incredibly efficient and lightweight compared to other devices. Utilization of this device would enable control in the surgeon’s hand and make a difference with each experience.

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