Top 5 OEC C Arm By Pacific Healthcare Imaging

Top 5 OEC C Arm By Pacific Healthcare Imaging

A C-Arm is a type of medical imaging equipment which is based on x-ray technology. These devices have a reputation for being incredibly flexible in various operating room procedures or even within a simple clinic. The name C-Arm was derived through the C-Arm arm the device has. The C-shaped arm is used to connect the x-ray source with the x-ray detector. A C-Arm device comprises a generator known as the x-ray source and an image intensifier for viewing. The C-Arm provides users with high-resolution x-ray images in real time. This would allow a surgeon to monitor any progress during any point of surgery (C arm for sale).

It is a well-known fact that medical imaging equipment can be incredibly expensive. For this reason, the growth of used and refurbished equipment is surfacing and is now known for its efficiency and is only a fraction of the cost one would pay for a brand new piece of equipment. The company that people purchase from, however, has to be incredibly efficient, reliable, and well-reputed in the industry of supplying imaging equipment. Pacific Healthcare Imaging has been known to provide the best devices for over twenty years and continues to do so.

Pacific Healthcare Imaging provides buyers with full sized and mini-systems as well as c-arm tables for client convenience (siemens c arm).

The top 5 OEC C Arm devices supplied by Pacific Healthcare Imaging are:


This device has superb image quality and an easy-to-use interface. It is also affordable for your surgical or interventional settings.


This device has a reputation for producing high-quality images and is mobile. It also has a familiar user interface and is one of the best systems for your investment.


This device was designed to offer fluoroscopic and spot-film medical imaging of the patient during diagnostic, surgical and interventional procedures.


The benefits of this mobile device could come with quality images, low doses of radiation, maneuverability, provides an extensive view of imaging, and a rapid hard copy of images.


This device is mobile and guarantees to meet the needs for orthopedics, general surgery, and main management.

Pacific Healthcare Imaging is always ready to service all needs in every aspect from prices, purchasing, down to the end of the installment, to any maintenance, Pacific Healthcare Imaging has you covered.