No More Claustrophobia

Philips open MRI

Physicians generally make use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions that can typically only be identified through the use of x-ray machines or magnetic fields. MRI equipment gives a detailed image of the internal structures of the body. The imaging of this equipment has significantly evolved over the years and currently involves a variety of instruments that can be utilized with the machine.

Although these advanced technologies have gained a significant advantage in the market, closed MRI scanners were the original equipment. Closed MRIs are large machines in a cylindrical container that patients move into. The procedure of scanning with this machine could last up to 90 minutes or more, depending on the equipment. 

However, millions of individuals suffer from what is known as “claustrophobia.” This disorder makes it difficult for individuals to be placed in closed spaces driven by the feeling that an individual can’t escape. In turn, individuals suffer from panic attacks and difficulty in breathing – sometimes fainting. Individuals that experience claustrophobia doesn’t identify with the disorder itself but find themselves identifying with what triggers them.

When it comes to getting an MRI, those feelings are normally lingering, and it’s not uncommon. On an average day, an estimation was made that four out of ten individuals voiced their concerns regarding getting MRIs. The primary concern is having to stay still during the entire process, although the closed in space does make multiple people uncomfortable.

Currently, with the advancement in technology and the introduction of Philips open MRI available for patients use, there would be a better chance of completing their exams without issues so that the answers they require could be offered.

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