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Seal Shield Products: Medical Mouse

The computer mouse is a standard data input method for a desktop computer, and so it becomes a most touchable peripheral of a computerized system. Then automatically the mouse become a pool of harmful pathogens and devote a higher degree of contribution to the cross contamination infections in hospital environments. This critical medical problem gets a solution by the seal shield medical mouse which encounters with several unique features for infection prevention. The seal shield medical mice provide a prime service for disinfection without an additional cost. The point of interest is that these mice are priced and typed as a standard mouse but possess several advanced features for a clean medical atmosphere.

seal shield medical mouse

The seal shield medical mouse has two main features inbuilt to prevent the infections and deadly germ transmission. The first feature is the waterproof construction of the mouse which prevents water intrusion to the internal structure when cleaning. The interior electronic system is fully sealed and leaves no space for malfunction by liquid leakage to internal cavities. These medical mice can be cleaned by fully submerging in a commercialized disinfectant solution, by using an automatic dishwasher or by spraying and wiping off the hazardous agents. The next unique feature is the antimicrobial architecture of the mouse. The seal shield medical mice have an embedded additive which is made of antimicrobial material. This additive acts as a resistant to disease causing bacteria, virus, fungi, and other microorganisms and reduces the percentage of cross contamination infections. Also, the seal shield medical mouse meets RoHS standards which prove that they are free from harmful substances for human creatures.

The 100% waterproof construction and the antimicrobial architecture of the medical mouse are significantly important factors for the hospital infection control staff. Also, these mice have unique customized details for the IT managers as well. The cables of these mice are protected by double shield covering to eliminate to the radio signal cross-talk of other medical devices