Medical Keyboards In USA

Recent research has discovered the keyboards used in hospitals is one of the main transmission media for disease causing microorganisms due to higher contamination and inconvenience of cleaning. Then is when, the seal shield medical keyboards provide a low-cost, high-impact solution for a disinfected healthy medical environment. As a leading disinfect electronic device developer, Seal Shield has understood the two crucial facts to be satisfied in a medical keyboard. They are the waterproof construction and antimicrobial protection.

Seal Shield medical keyboards are 100% waterproof, and you can use any preferred and convenient washing technique as soaking in bleach, submerging in a tub or washed by using an automatic dishwasher. The medical keyboard doesn’t have to disconnect from power in advance to clean it instantly and easily by spraying or whipping. Also, these keyboards have an affiliated infection control additive to protect from viruses, fungi, mildew, and bacteria.

Medical Keyboards from SS

Seal Shield medical keyboards accomplish the qualities waterproofness and anti-infectious. But a keyboard is a computer peripheral where it has to cover numerous information technology related tasks. So, considering the technological view point, Seal Shield medical keyboard has double shielded cables and additional cable ferrites to eliminate the radio frequency cross-talk which occur due to the higher radio signal transmissions of electronic medical devices from OR to ICU.

Seal Shield medical keyboards come in different sizes, types, colors, and styles which support for various unique infrastructure features and healthcare applications. Different types include the standard style, TAA compliant, small form, backlit, All-in-one, etc. Also, these keyboards are available with inbuilt options as long cables, quick connect cables, wireless and Bluetooth. The materials such as plastic, glass, silicon, and acrylic are used to manufacture these keyboards where it paves the way for you to make a vigilant choice as customized according to your needs and wants.