Why Equipment Maintenance Is Important

Maintenance is something that needs to be performed on a regular basis in every organization. When considering risk reduction in a work environment, maintenance is something that plays a significant role in making sure employees can perform their duties in a safe and healthy environment. Through this, optimal organizational performance and increased efficiency can be […]

Supplier Collaboration From HGINT

Supplier Collaboration: The acceleration of business productivity In a world where technology advances significantly, businesses need to keep up with all current methods which allow them to compeer with the rapidly changing market, demands of the customers, manufacturing and supply strategies which has become the critical factors for a successful business. Harrington Group Supplier Management […]


A Quality Management System (QMS) is developed as an aggregation of all processes involved when running a business. The primary focus is on meeting customer requirements to improve customer satisfaction about the firm. A QMS is designed on par with the purpose of the company and its strategic direction towards success. Furthermore, a QMS is […]

TQM Software From HGINT

Total quality management is not a new philosophy to the business world of today. Introduced decades ago, principles of total quality management are still being used successfully by companies all over. All highly successful companies have revealed that quality is the key to being more competitive. And being more competitive in today’s market is crucial […]