Top Rated Cornerstone Business Solutions – Business Management Software Tools for Business Management

Top Rated Cornerstone Business Solutions – Business Management Software Tools for Business Management

Earlier enterprises depended on a traditional paper-based approach and manual intervention to keep track of the progress in various processes involved right from planning to delivery. This method could impact organizational growth as there could be loss of physical data and human errors. It would be a cumbersome process to maintain in the long-run, considering the rising volume of data and tasks.

Business Management is a very critical phenomenon and is a continuous process to aid a company’s profits and success. Recently, there are several cornerstone business solutions developed those help enterprises manage everything online through business management software tools. These tools not only maintains and tracks information from planning to delivery but also extends its services for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. They help the organization to cut operational costs and increase efficiency.

Following are the most predominant and productive business management software:

  • Quality Management Software
  • Supplier Management Software
  • Issue Management Software
  • Audit Management Software
  • Training Management Software
  • Calibration Software
  • Document Control Software

Harrington Group International has a history of focusing on quality and has developed a comprehensive set of management and technical processes based on ISO 9001:2015. The consistency achieved throughout the application of these processes provides the foundation for predictable performance and a reputation for delivering high-quality products, on time and within budget. In addition to its extensive product suite, HGI offers a complete line of services to help any organization establish or improve its quality management operations. The below article discusses the above seven key cornerstone business solutions and how HGI plays a vital role in each solution by providing cost-effective and robust products.

Quality Management Software:

Quality Management Software (QMS) is an important business management software that aims to access and improve processes and procedures to maintain software/product quality satisfying customer requirements and also meeting the regulatory standards.  

HQMS Software:

With over 20 years of experience in providing several cornerstone business solutions, HGI ensures that long-term business success is achieved through its quality QMS Software & Enterprise Quality Management System Software (HQMS).  It is an easy-to-use all-in-one world-class software to optimize various organizational processes such as audit management, asset management, training management, records management, non-conformance and compliance. While several other QMS software in the market fail to provide certain services such as document control, report management, equipment management, HQMS Quality Management Software is a one-stop solution for these.

With its Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and opportunities for improvement (OFI), it prevents major disasters before they occur and helps to reduce development time and production costs.

It addresses the needs of a range of industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government and other services. It complies with ISO 9001:2015 and other international standards.

HQMS is a cloud-based SaaS software that can be accessed from any modern web browser at the comfort of your home through desktop, laptop, mobile phones and tablets. There are over 45000 loyal customers to Harrington’s Enterprise QMS software. It also offers a free trial to customers.

Some of the unique features of HQMS include, but not limited to:

  • External ComPort page that allows customers or member of the public to submit problems for the company’s quality team to review and address them. This ensures that clients are involved in problem resolution and continuous improvement. It also allows the outside party who initiated the problem to review the record any time without compromising the security system.
  • Document Library Option allows access to the HQMS Bookshelf and Documents without logging in to the HQMS System. Any customer can access books and documents from anywhere in the world.

Supplier Management Software:

Supplier Management Software acts as a supplier chain management or supplier relationship management tool that helps to manage all the supplier or vendor activities in any business. It provides a collaboration between the organization and the suppliers to effectively maintain the inventory, quality data, audit findings and documentation in one place.

HGI Supplier Collaboration Portal:

HGI’s Supplier Collaboration Portal is a very robust business management software portal that automates routine supply chain transactions such as purchase orders, ship notices and commercial invoices. It also handles parts inspection, supplier deviation, receiving inspection and report management. It evaluates, controls and determines supplier performance on a real-time 24/7/365 basis with multi-browser compatibility. It provides a full-service, everything that is required between the enterprise and the vendors from both quantitative and qualitative perspective.

Integration with HQMS and ERP:

  • HGI Supplier collaboration portal is integrated with HQMS system to provide a world-class cornerstone business solution in which a supplier can turn any paper documents of deviation requests, parts returns, warranty issues, supplier rejects, returns, corrective actions into electronic data collection forms through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Supplier Portal Access is also enabled through this integration in which authorized supplier personnel are easily and securely signed-up and allowed access to HGI’s Supplier Collaboration Portal. Suppliers can maintain multiple contacts/logins for their Supplier Account through the portal, with an easy approval process for your organization to approve new Supplier Accounts and new Supplier Contacts.
  • Its ability to integrate corporate data sources with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) models such as Oracle and SAP make the HGI Supplier Collaboration portal distinctive from other products. With this, an organization can manage internal processes for material requirements, demands, inventory levels, purchase orders, shipping, receiving, invoicing and accounts payable information.

Another special feature of the HGI Supplier Management Software Supplier Portal is Supplier scoring. This rate the suppliers based on quality, delivery, cost and service. Score trending lets the suppliers pin-point what changes to their business impacted their score, and how score changes impacted their sales to your business. With appropriate resources, the business quality will be improved.

In 2021, new modules have been introduced to Supplier Collaboration portal such as maintaining buyer/supplier profile, debit memo to facilitate vendor chargebacks, Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR), Inspection workflow to configure Accepted Quality Limit to accept or reject received materials, Issue management, CAPA, Non-conformance and First Part/New Part Approval process. Features such as Issue management, CAPA and Supplier portal access are provided with Enterprise Plus.

Issue Management Software:

Issue Management is a major cornerstone business solution that is required by every category of business to identify, track, resolve and document various problems that occur during a project. While managing an organization, issues are inevitable. To retain the business with a client, an issue has to be addressed and has to be potentially resolved to maintain the level of service. Issue Management Software is a business software tool that offers the above service to avoid losing track of issues through emails and excel sheets.

CaWeb Issue Tracking Software:

Harrington Group International’s Corporate Issue Action Management software caWeb5 offers an end-to-end ticket management service to identify, resolve, document and prevent issues. This Corrective Action business management software is unique in the market due to its accessibility and accountability as it’s a web-based solution that can be accessed anytime from anywhere and it is ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

Below are the key enhanced features to consider:

  • Comments, Attachments and V&V actions:

With caWeb5 issue management software, one can assign an issue to a specific employee, prioritize it and track its progress through the deadline. Issue management in caWeb5 doesn’t stop there. It helps the organization to prevent future problems by enabling the parties to add comments and relevant documents during the issue resolution to be referred by any team member at any time. It automatically creates and assigns two follow-up actions to the issue originator and the assignee to validate if the action taken is working and is effective.

  • Plugins:

Unlike other issue management software, caWeb5 has an active directory (LDAP) feature with which a user can synchronize the login and password of his/her office computer and use the same to sign into its issue management system considering that it is cumbersome to maintain a separate authentication directory.

It also has an inbuilt Microsoft Outlook Integration plugin which helps to quickly create issues, actions and subtasks from outlook as well.

  • Email templates and automatic notifications:

caWeb5 allows a user to design e-mail templates for various types of problems that can be automated. Employees are notified then and there about the pending action that requires their attention. This feature also prompts the user if a deadline is past-due.

  • Reporting, Charting, Trend & History Analysis:

Pareto, Trend, List, Summary reports and more have been included in caWeb5 to provide a quick and easy review of all issues/actions taken. With Pareto and Trend reporting system, employees can identify the type of issues that occur frequently, those that impact the company revenue and address them quickly.

One can search any issue down the history with its fast specific searching facility of listing issues based on its types or specific to a user.

Audit Management Software:

Auditing is a necessary practice for any business concerned with risk management and compliance with industry standards and regulations. Audit Management Software focuses on planning, managing, and conducting regulatory and quality audits. It offers an easy way to perform complex internal and external audits simply and effectively than older paper-based methods.

Audit Master Software:

Audit Master Software provided by Harrington Group International is the perfect business audit management software solution for creating, managing, and scheduling in-house as well as external company audits and surveillances. Regardless of whether an enterprise performs in-house audits, supplier audits or audit other enterprises as a level two or three auditors, Audit Master 4 audit management software allows an enterprise to detail an audit’s scope, create and maintain audit checklists on the fly, log requirements and responsibilities for conducting audits per industry standards, identify areas for necessary improvement, streamline audit scheduling/frequency, and implement the corrective action process based on the audit findings.

Why does Audit Master 4 stand out?

  • The audit master software is easy to be navigated by any auditors who have proper authentication. Based on the type of audit, the software enables customizable fields and adjustable data entry sequence.
  • User workgroups can be created to control access and assign record responsibility thereby reducing the time spent controlling access significantly.
  • The organization can download audit findings or upload excel to the portal. The software also provides extensive email compatibility to send updates about audits instantly.
  • Much clearer, detailed and improved reports make Audit Master version 4 the ideal tool for audit tracking.
  • Audit Master software is integrated with C/A 7 to create corrective actions for various types of audit findings such as observation, major or serious ones.
  • Audit Master 4 has a new notification system that alerts the users with the upcoming audits, overdue corrective actions, etc.
  • The new version has maximized Operating System compatibility and can be easily upgraded from Audit Master 3 without the loss or re-entry of data.

With Harrington’s 30-day money-back guarantee, if a party is unhappy with the purchase for any reason, a full refund will be provided just through a customer service call within 30-days of purchase.

Training Management Software:

Organizational training is one of the most important factors in a company to ensure employee efficiency for its success. Training management software is a cornerstone business solution that is an automated procedure to build essential training programs and to identify employees that require training. With sufficient training and adequate knowledge of the employees, companies can avoid potential threats and risks.

Training Manager Software:

HGI’s Training Manager Software System (Latest release 4) enables an enterprise to schedule, track, and report on employee training, certification, and qualification for individual employees, contractors, or workgroups. It is a simple and powerful tool that provides a complete history of a list of training attended by each employee and also keeps tracks of organization-level courses, employee skillset and certification expiry.

Unlike other training software that only marginally satisfies the needs of the employees and an organization, Training Manager Training Management Software 4 makes an enterprise lead the world-market by providing the below unique features:

  • Multi-language support – For those organizations spread out across the globe, Training Manager Software comes with support for 11 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and Hebrew, so that native employees can enhance their skill set at their comfort.
  • E-mail support – With this feature, one can send invitations to employee’s email accounts so that the training schedule will not be missed.

In addition to creating and managing training schedules, the software also provides flexibility to maintain employee list, roles, skills inventory and training records with customizable fields. One can instantly print a training record, a list of expired certifications or upcoming training requirements for a department or individual to avoid downtime.

HGI’s Training Manager software also supports creating and optimizing training event schedules that lessen the impact on the job at hand, at the same time encourages employees to get trained.

With Harrington’s 30-day money-back guarantee, if a party is unhappy with the purchase for any reason, a full refund will be provided just through a customer service call within 30-days of purchase.

Calibration Software:

Calibration software helps companies that use complex machinery to ensure their equipment are functioning within standards by performing tests on them and comparing results with the predefined accepted value. This type of software is used to prevent equipment malfunction thereby reducing surprise costs.

Calibration Recall & Calibration Tracking Software:

Harrington Group International’s Calibration Recall is the best Calibration Tracking software in the market. This business software is highly praised by end-users across a wide variety of industries because of the various business solutions it provides on equipment calibration.

Some of the key features include:

  • Manage Inventory – Calibrated equipment is expensive and it is essential to maintain its whereabouts.
  • Maintain Equipment History – With this feature, historical information of equipment such as unique life span is stored for tracking status, evaluating future performance, and meeting audit requirements.
  • Transfer Equipment – The Instrument Recall Notice helps to alert a tool custodian of an upcoming calibration requirement. When the tool is brought into the calibration lab, the top part of the Recall Notice becomes a receipt, while the bottom part travels with the tool.
  • Handle Risk Instruments – The Risk Instrument Notification helps to assign a closed-loop corrective action request when equipment is found out of tolerance. The program provides e-tools to track through completion.
  • Set Up and Use Easily – Just like using 3×5 index cards, just enter the name of a tool, who has possession, and when it is due for its next calibration. When it is needed to document calibration notes or schedule the next calibration event, the program makes it easy to locate and update information.

HGI Calibration Recall Calibration software also provides risk assessment and scheduling tool calibration during off-peak periods.

The new version of Calibration software has email capability and a calibration notification system to provide alerts on calibration events and risk instruments.

With Harrington’s 30-day money-back guarantee, if a party is unhappy with the purchase for any reason, a full refund will be provided just through a customer service call within 30-days of purchase.

Document Control Software:

Document Control Software helps to automate the creating, maintaining, controlling, authorizing and tracking of documents across the users in an organization. It is an important cornerstone business solution that supports document maintenance to compliant with the regulations and quality management systems.

HGI Document Control Software:

HGI Document Control Software is the revised HQMS Document Management Software that provides end-users with a fully customizable, secure document archive to store and catalogue all priority documentation online anytime from anywhere. It allows to manage and assign user-specific access rights, complete control over access to restricted documents and instant accessibility to any document to authorized users within the system. This ensures data security.

The main functionality of a document management system to create, manage, and share all types of documents throughout the entire organization remains intact with Document Control Software. Besides, it has one key feature ‘References Management’ through which documents can be uploaded for quick and easy reference to other related modules or records. Hyperlinks can be added and links between any application record are allowed to cross-reference any associated modules or document in the system. This makes the Document Management System a special business software.

Other important features to note:

  • Provides full management of all controlled and uncontrolled documents.
  • Manages all document revisions by a user, date, current revision and approvals. With control over access facility, it prevents duplication thereby increasing the efficiency of any quality management system.
  • Produce reports and graphs through the powerful query feature.

While several business software products in the market satisfy the company needs only marginally, Harrington Group International Business Solutions offers all-in-one business improvement packages through its quality and cost-effective 24/7/365 online products and also provides lifetime extensive service and support to the enterprises and buyers. With the free trial and 30-day moneyback guarantee, customers can explore all the features at their convenience. HGI’s continuous maintenance and revision of the products ensures that the business software is up-to-date to match the latest technological advancements and to comply with ISO 9001:2015 and other international standards.