Three Questions Patients May Have Regarding Their Medical Imaging Exam.

used portable xray machine

Communication, comfort, and transparency are a crucial part of every medical imaging exam taken for patients. Patient safety and their health should be the top priority when taking these exams and is best achieved through optimal quality imaging equipment.

In the medical field, it is essential to be comfortable and thoroughly informed since lack of communication can trigger anxiety and fear. The following are three questions that patients may have for their radiologist.

  1. Are medical imaging exams safe procedures?
    Patients who undergo radiology procedures are often concerned about safety regarding radiation exposure. Fortunately, patients can request low dose equipment for where radiation is concerned. There are also other imaging exams that don’t use radiation, such as MRI machines. Options can be discussed with the radiologist regarding which imaging exam is right for the patient.
  2. What scans are safe if I am pregnant?
    If a patient is pregnant, it is advised to avoid specific types of scans to ensure that the baby’s health is maintained. Patients should also always make sure to inform the radiologist if she is pregnant, that way the radiologist can find the most suitable scan for the mother.
  3. How can my privacy be ensured?
    One of most asked questions by patients is regarding patient privacy. As a medical patient, all the rights to confidentiality and safety of patient information should be guaranteed by the medical facility. The medical practitioner should be able to discuss the relevant processes and methods with the patient regarding the protection of his/her medical information.

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