How To Get The Most Out Of Your MRI Coils With Proper Maintenance

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MRI machines are known for producing the best soft-tissue delineation in different areas of the internal structure of human bodies. However, the images created are only as good as the MRI coils that MRI machines use. That is why it is essential to make sure that the technologists maintain and take care of the coils and make sure they are working correctly.

MRI coils are becoming more complex and sophisticated, with more features being added for flexible array options. This means that MRI coils become more challenging to service and would require a more significant amount of attention and maintenance.

According to many experts in the industry, most MRI coils can be repaired. But some repairs can be too costly. In that case, it would be smarter to replace them. If the coils can be repaired, however, it is important to find a maintenance expert that is skilled in MRI coil repairs.

Proper maintenance of MRI coils can reduce repair necessities. It is always better to take good care of an MRI coil on a regular basis rather than have to face repairs due to negligence. The following are a few tips to ensure adequate maintenance of MRI coils.

  1. Since MRI coils are delicate pieces of machinery, it is essential to treat these parts with care.
  2. Use only the recommended cleaning products for the coils.
  3. Maintain a regular schedule for cleaning the coil.
  4. Make sure that the staff using the equipment knows how to handle MRI coils.
  5. Speaking to patients regarding the sophistication of the MRI coils can ensure that they are treated gently.
  6. Make the coils easy to access by staff or store them in a convenient location.
  7. Heavier coils should not be stored on top of smaller coils.

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