Things to Consider While Buying a Refurbished CT Scanner

Things to Consider While Buying a Refurbished CT Scanner

Computerized Tomography (CT) scanners have been in extensive usage for the last few decades because of their ability to produce cross-sectional images of various body parts or organs that require examination or diagnosis of diseases and certain health conditions. They are also popular as the organ’s images can be captured in a less amount of time making it easy to diagnose claustrophobic patients. 

Some health care and imaging services lean towards buying a used or refurbished CT scan machines as opposed to the new ones because they cost less. The following factors help you to get the best machine satisfying your purpose and needs.

Features to note while buying a refurbished CT scanner:

How old it is and X-Ray tube usage:

The first thing to note while looking for a CT scanner is that how old the machine is and the model and year of manufacturing. When you purchase an older model, there is a chance that future upgrades of parts are unsupported.

Also, in a CT machine, the X-Ray tube has to be replaced often once the certain limit of scans is done. The usage of these tubes can be measured in as scan seconds. Replacement of X-Ray tube costs much. So, ask the vendor about the usage because those tubes getting closer to their life span will push you to spend more in the near future. Check the coverage options for the refurbished machine’s X-Ray tube such as full, prorated, partial or no coverage.

Volume of patients and the type of scan:

Analyze the workflow of your patients in the past and what kind of study is needed out of the machine: Is specialized one such as Cardiac needed? Based on the history, you can ask the vendor to customize your buy.

Number of slices:

The number of slices of the machine and the scan coverage area determines how fast a scan can be done and how clear the scan images are. The most commonly used CT scanners are the 64-slice types. However, for a detailed study of the heart, a greater number of slices such as 256, 320 are required.

What kind of refurbishment is done?

Refurbishments can be mechanical involving repair and upgrade of the parts, software and cosmetic involving polishing, painting, etc. If you want a CT scanner that works and looks perfect, then check with the vendor if they do full refurbishment.

Meeting OEM specifications:

For the equipment to work optimally and match industry standards, it is important to check if the refurbished machines satisfy the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s requirements.

Other CT specs:

Few other specifications in the CT machine also determine how much good of a bet you could make out of the used scanners. They are Gantry rotation speed, CT scan coverage area (how much organ area it can cover at a single exposure), Image resolution.

Can Optimization and software installation be done?

Based on your scanning needs, you may need to install specific software or upgrade certain parts. Check if the refurbished machine is capable of system optimization and customization.

For e.g., Dose optimization is an important feature many imaging centers are looking for to add in the scanners. It is nothing but lowering the level of radiation exposure to the patients. For this, Automatic Exposure Controls (AEC) are implemented and Iterative reconstruction (IR) software is installed. Verify if this feature can be introduced in the machine you are purchasing.

Types of purchase offered:

If you want a CT machine only for an ample time, then look for vendors who offer rental or leasing services for the used equipment. This will help you to spend less when comparing the cost of buying a refurbished scanner.

Warranty and Service contract:

Some used machines may be new and still be under the warranty period and some might be out of it. So, check with the vendor if the warranty is still intact, if not, ask them what kind of service contracts they offer: full service of parts and labor, service of parts only or time and materials contract which work based on wages for the service offered.

The period of the service contract maybe until the first scan in which you verify if the machine works fine, or a 30-day, one year or three-year contract. This contract may vary with different vendors and models.

Maintenance and Support:

Make sure that the refurbished machine is subject to maintenance and ensure that fixing an issue with a part will restore the machine’s functionality. Also, it is crucial to check with your vendor about the support services they provide: whether they come in person or guide you online and the time of services.

Why Amber Diagnostics?

Amber Diagnostics USA has extensive knowledge in the second-hand medical equipment market. We know very well that medical providers look for refurbished CT scan machines for better price options. Therefore, we brainstorm with you about your scanning needs and customize the machine according to your requirements and budget at the same time meeting OEM standards. We have a great technical team who address all your issues 24/7.