The Most Important Uses of X-Ray Technology

The Most Important Uses of X-Ray Technology

Since the discovery in 1901, x-ray technology has revolutionized the world of medicine. In fact, for such a significant introduction to the technological and medical world, father of radiology – Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was awarded a Nobel Prize. Along with the discovery, it was found that just like gamma rays, x-rays also cannot be seen, felt, or heard. In fact, x-rays are effortlessly passing through the skin, bone, and metal for producing images that the human eye would not be able to see without invasive techniques. The following are the most important uses of x-rays (in the medical field and outside):

Broken Bones Diagnosis.
In the current age, x-ray technology is one of the most integral parts of hospitals and medical centers. While there is a variety of medical imaging equipment today, x-rays are still one of the most common applications used by doctors to take images of patients’ bodies. Photographic film is placed behind the patient while the x-ray is turned on. The x-rays can then pass easily through the skin. However, it may take slightly longer to travel through bones. This is why bones appear as a lighter color on x-ray images. By using these results, doctors would then be able to develop effective treatment plans for patients.

Radiation Therapy.
X-rays are known for playing a significant and vital role in the fight against cancer, by using high energy radiation for killing cancer cells and shrinking tumors. Patients can undergo treatments either externally, or by inserting radioactive material into the body in close proximity to cancer cells.

Fluoroscopic procedures are currently extremely popular when performing surgeries. In this type of medical imaging, a continuous x-ray image can be produced on a monitor, by an x-ray beam passing through the body. Surgeons are then provided with an “x-ray movie” of the internal structure of the body for better precision.

In addition to the medical benefits of using x-ray technology, there are also a variety of other uses and includes:

Airport security.
Currently, nearly every airport on earth is fitted with a form of x-ray security systems that are used for scanning baggage to reveal dangerous items. Over the current years, even full-body scans are also emerging as an additional security measure in most airports.

Counterfeit art.
This may be one of the lesser known uses of x-ray technology. However, it should be understood that historians can also use x-rays for detecting whether or not an artwork has been painted over an existing piece.

X-ray technology is known and used by nearly every medical facility in the world, and has offered a variety of benefits for most patients and practitioners. And that is why every medical facility is looking for the most appropriate xray machine for sale for their facility.

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