5 Tips on Purchasing Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

5 Tips on Purchasing Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

You may be wondering if purchasing and using the best quality technology with the best equipment in the market from leading brands would be able to provide you with a high return on investment. Would it make economic and practical sense to get new GE x ray machines, a Phillips MRI machine, or a Siemens c arm machine? Would patients be more satisfied with film-based or digital x ray equipment?

The fact is, proper due diligence is required before deciding on any major equipment purchase. You have to find the right solution to match your organizational requirements.

The following are five tips one should consider before purchasing new medical imaging equipment:

1. Price.
When buying either brand new, used or refurbished medical imaging equipment, the price is always a major concern. Not only should the price tag of the equipment be considered, but also the additional costs that may follow. This includes maintenance, transportation, additional parts, service agreements, etc. Creating a chart or list to determine the costs might be able to help.

2. Users.
Before making this type of a significant purchase, a serious amount of thought should go into the level of skills required by the technicians that would be using the imaging equipment. For instance, when purchasing equipment that uses advanced technology, the user may require additional training for operating the equipment and optimizing clinical protocols.

3. Service contract.
Before purchasing your equipment from any vendor, find out the duration of the warranty from the manufacturer since it would vary between different manufacturers. Once the period for the warranty expires, it is essential to consider the terms and conditions of the service contract and what it should include and at what cost. Before entering into a contract, it is essential to understand what you are getting into. That means you would have to read through all the terms and conditions mentioned thoroughly and you should not make the mistake of assuming the contract has favorable terms and conditions. In fact, we suggest you consult an expert before signing the contract for purchasing the imaging equipment.

4. Technical support.
Technical support is typically included in the terms and conditions when purchasing a service contract. Since many companies have alternatives to the conventional service contract, it would provide consumers with the advantage of negotiating technical support at the initial purchase of the diagnostic equipment.

5. Parts availability.
You need to decide whether you require OEM certified parts or refurbished parts for your system. In addition to that, the benefits and drawbacks of choosing either should also be considered.

At the end of the day, it would be your due diligence that would help determine the type of system that you would be choosing. However, considering these factors could help narrow down your search. It’s not always easy to choose the right equipment for your facility, let us help you with your purchase. Amber USA is known in the market for providing the highest quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment at the best prices and have a longstanding reputation for doing so. Contact us now for more information regarding your purchase!