Avoiding Frozen Pipes

When water starts to freeze in a pipe, it expands. When it expands enough, this causes the pipe to burst. This, in turn, causes water to escape and a hefty bill to repair this issue. No matter how cold the weather gets, there are specific precautions that homeowners can take in order to avoid the problem of frozen pipes.

  • Keeping pipes out of freezing temperatures.
    It is important to know that pipes should always be kept in heated places and away from areas that are vulnerable to the outside walls. No matter how strong the pipes may seem, when water expands enough, this causes the pipes to break.
  • Keeping doors where pipes are open.
    Although it may seem like an inconvenience to leave doors open, allowing warm air to circulate around and graze the cold pipes could help warm down these pipes.
  • Enabling cold water to drip from the tap.
    Even a trickle of water dripping from the faucet could help with the prevention of pipes from freezing.
  • Sealing holes around the home.Certain pipes or wires would be exposed in a house to outside temperatures. When dropping temperatures cause worries, sealing cracks or any holes in the home may be a good idea to ensure pipes don’t freeze.

If unsure about what to do about these freezing or frozen pipes even through taking necessary precautions, contacting an efficient Altamonte Springs Plumbing expert would help individuals receive the relevant expertise as to dealing with the frozen pipes issue.Avoiding Frozen Pipes

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