Bone density terms that you need to know.

used bone density machineWhen conducting bone density studies, the equipment is handled by professionals who know all the terms to define the depth of the studies conducted. The following are a few of the many terms that make up the shorthand of the bone densitometry.

• BDA – Bone Density Assessment.
• BMD – Bone Mineral Density.
• Hip – This refers to the proximal femur studies.
• IRIS – Integrated Rapid Imaging Systems.
• Body Comp – This term is short for “body composition,” which is a measurement of the patient’s fat to muscle ratio.
• PA Spine – The studies that are performed on the T4-L4 region of the spine.
• CADfx – Computer Aided Fracture. This is an assessment tool that is used for measuring the vertebral compression and helps in aid of vertebral evaluation.
• IVA – Instant Vertebral Assessment. This is a low dose and rapid x-ray scan that is taken with a standard bone density test which produces an image of the entire spine. The x-ray produces an image of the entire spine which can then be used for the assessment of certain spine fractures – This is a primary feature of Hologic bone densitometers.
• DEXA/DXA – Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry. This is another abbreviation of Bone Mineral Densitometry.
• LVA – Lateral Vertebral Assessment – This is an x-ray examination of low dose performed for the spine to assess vertebral fractures. It is similar to IVA and available with GE bone densitometers.
• VFA – Vertebral Fracture Assessment. This a general term used for IVA and LVA which are trademarked terms used by prominent manufacturers such as GE.
• UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supply. This is a temporary emergency power source for electrical equipment in the event of power outages. It is an optional accessory but can significantly benefit areas that experience issues with power outages.

These terms are simply a few of the many phrases that are heard in the specialty of bone densitometry.

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