C-Arm Service agreement information to remember

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When considering service agreements, it is essential to remember that they may not cover everything you may think they do. Typically, C-Arm service agreements would be covering the cost of parts for replacement, labor, and traveling. The purpose of a service agreement is for reducing the risk of the equipment and saving money when there is downtime. Although these agreements are beneficial, there may be certain limitations to what is being covered.

Consider the following about C-Arm Service agreements.


Reloading software to resolve issues is generally covered under the service agreement. However, the engineers would only be able to reload the software if the customers have the discs readily available. Replacement software disks aren’t a cost that is covered under the agreement.
Most service contracts charge extra to obtain the relevant parts for when a consumable needs replacing. Fortunately, consumables are the least expensive items to replace in a C-Arm.

Cosmetic damage

Wear and tear is something that happens on any piece of equipment. However, in service agreements, the job is to make sure the equipment is functioning properly, and the service agreement won’t cater to cosmetic damages if it isn’t included in the contract.

Non-covered components

While it may seem obvious to some, it is essential to remember that every service agreement is limited to some extent and the contract will definitely state what is included in the coverage. Two of the most expensive parts of your C-Arm that may require replacements include the image intensifier and the x-ray tube. Since both these parts are known for being very expensive, it is recommended that you choose a service agreement that covers both those devices.

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