Aim for these price points when opting for digital X-Ray equipment.

More often than not, it may become a common topic in the medical imaging world to start using digital x-ray technology. The good news is that there currently a variety of ways to go digital and each method provides its own price points as well as the ability to meet a different set of needs.

The following options might be able to provide users with an idea of what might be the best fit for their facility.

1. CR machine.

The initial cost of a CR might be able to be minimized even further when taking advantage of used and refurbished systems. CR is also faster and more cost-effective than traditional film processing. However, it is the least time-efficient form of digital x-ray imaging due to the time taken to transport and scan cassettes. However, due to specific budget cuts, other options for going digital are recommended.


2. Digital x-ray systems.

DR units are, by far, the most expensive way to go digital. However, they do offer a significant amount of advantages over CR in terms of imaging quality and processing time. There are no cassettes involved, and digital rendering works in a matter of seconds.


3. Flat panel detectors.

DR flat panels work with any x-ray systems in the market and work as a factory DR system. They eliminate the use of cassettes, improve image quality, and render images in seconds. Additionally, these systems also provide the ability to continue using the existing x-ray room without having to remodel the place.

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