Bone densitometer installation

Bone densitometer installation

A bone densitometer in the medical imaging equipment industry is actually one of the less hectic types of equipment concerning installation. However, while these equipment don’t exactly take months of preparation and planning for installation, there are still a set of steps that need to be followed. By following these steps, medical facilities can be guaranteed to save time, money, frustration, and make sure that new equipment arrives without an issue.

Specific steps mentioned in this article are regarding how a bone densitometer is installed and handled by a typical medical imaging equipment supplier. Different vendors may provide various services for the procedure.

Specific steps to follow when installing a bone densitometer.

• Make sure the plans for the space to accompany the new equipment is adequately drawn up.

• All medical imaging equipment requires a significant amount of power, and a bone densitometer is no exception. That means you would need to consult with an electrician to make sure sufficient power is available in the area selected to install the new system.

• Try to measure the width of the entry path and the doorway of the exam room. If the width of the doorway has insufficient space, then the project manager should be consulted immediately to let them know in advance before the equipment has already arrived. You can navigate the doorway for bringing the system in. However, that would require additional preparation.

• While this may seem obvious, it is essential to make sure the room is clear of any unnecessary items and is ready to receive the new unit. (Some installers have faced this problem before).

• Make sure there is enough time available before the system arrives to clarify any further issues that you may have regarding scheduling.

• Once the system has arrived, the calibration of the unit and the mechanical installation, both, should be completed within the day of arrival. In certain instances, the installation may carry over to the next day; however, it is not common for that to happen.

• After the calibrations of the system have been completed, the system would be ready for use. Some engineers coming from quality firms issue a basic demonstration of how the system can be used. However, it is essential to remember that the demonstration is not training for medical practices but simply software and system usage.

Certain steps provided in the basic installation of the system may vary according to the medical facility. However, by completing the steps mentioned above, the installation process of a bone densitometer can be efficiently completed without any costly delays.

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