A Solution for Patients’ Claustrophobic Fears by New MRI Machines

A Solution for Patients' Claustrophobic Fears by New MRI Machines

If you ever get worried about getting an MRI, it might be due to the opinion of people that have had or heard about bad experiences in the past. Not all of this is accurate and applies to the technological advancements of today. While older machines that have narrow tunnels are still used by many practitioners around the world, there are currently other options available. The modern MRI equipment in the market has provided a significant advantage to hospitals for people who have claustrophobia.

The older machines are known for being dark, narrow, slightly uncomfortable, and the scanner’s ceiling was far too close to the patients face. With the advancements in technology, measures have been taken to help individuals that may feel claustrophobic during an MRI scan.

Brand new scanners that are open at both ends are available for individuals that aren’t comfortable being in closed narrow spaces. Additionally, these devices are also developed to be more comfortable for patients and also allow patients that are heavier in weight to use them.

Compared to the older machines that couldn’t accompany obese or overweight people due to the narrow space, these currently available open MRI scanners have offered a significant advantage to the healthcare industry. Additional advantages to these machines also include an improved resolution in open MRI scanners so images produced are clearer.

Newer MRI machines also have “motion correction” which allows for a faster examination of patients. This means that’s patients only get to stay in the scanner for a shorter period of time.

For some MRI scanners (depending on the body part to be scanned), the patient’s head may not have to be in the scanner at all. This has had a significant reduction in the expectation and experience of claustrophobia episodes during an MRI scan.

Some patients could also watch soothing videos during the scan which would allow their mind to relax during the exam. Earplugs or headsets can also be provided during these scans to make sure patients are able to block out the sound from the scanner.

Preparation for an MRI:

For an MRI scan, fortunately, there are very little preparation requirements before the examination. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you should not be wearing or carrying any metal objects to the scan. Before the MRI, you will have to complete a screening form. You will also have to discuss if there are any implants within the body that contain any metal.

The sound of an MRI may vary. However, the general sound includes clicking or banging noises which is a normal part of the process. The time of the MRI may depend upon the part of the body being examined for the production of the image. During the exam, it is required that you stay still during the procedure. In some cases, patients may be required to hold their breath for a few seconds as well.

The best thing about the advancements in technology is that there have been significant improvements to cater to claustrophobic needs. Medical practitioners have gained significant advantages through these devices.

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