4 Tips About an Xray Machine Buyers Need to Know.

4 Tips About an Xray Machine Buyers Need to Know.

Fortunately for the medical industry, medical imaging has become a vital ingredient for ensuring quality diagnosis in patients. Without medical imaging, medical practitioners were known to surgically invade a human’s body to determine what exactly the problem is – otherwise known as surgically invasive procedures. With medical imaging not only have patients gained benefits but the entire medical industry themselves. However, with all the talk about medical imaging, one of the common discussions is about the cost of the equipment.

The reason for this is because the parts used for creating the device are known to be substantially costly – this is has a major impact on the entire price for purchase. This, in turn, means that patients are expected to pay a large sum to simply take a medical imaging exam. There are multiple different types of medical imaging – each with its own purpose. And CT scanning makes up a popular part of medical imaging.

CT scanners are used to produce cross-sectional images of the internal structure of a patient’s body. Although incredibly efficient, it’s a well-known fact that CT scanners don’t come cheap. And xray machines make up a large part of the expense. So it would be wise to get as much out of the xray machines as possible before having to replace it.

However, determining when to change it can be confusing. This is because different manufacturers may have different ways of measuring the lifetime of the device. The following are a few tips to make it easier for individuals to know when to hold on to an x-ray tube and when to replace it.

1. Clicks or counts.

When measuring an x-ray tube using clicks and counts, the device would be able to tell the user how many exposures the xray machine has performed. However, the only problem is that it doesn’t show how much power was used with each exposure.

2. Total patient exams.

To measure the total amount of patient exams is to measure the sum of individual cases that are performed by the xray machine. However, total patient exams only provide a rough estimate and don’t describe the duration of power for each exam. This is one of the least effective ways to determine the usage of the tube.

3. Scan seconds.

Scan seconds are a more accurate way of determining power usage and consider the duration of tube exposures. This is the most common method used by most manufacturers.

4. Milliampere Seconds (mAs).

This method provides both the duration of exposures and how much power is run through the x-ray tubes. This method is the most accurate x-ray count available and is used by GE for most of their systems.

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