Infection Control keyboards

The report results of the estimations carried out by Disease control centers in USA show that 1.7 million patients who have admitted for a reason other than an infection, acquire hospital acquired infections(HAIs) per year in the USA and 5% of them die each year from a deadly disease caused by an HAI. HAI is multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) that are lethal and have very invasive actions within healthy human cells. It is a complex process to combat these MDRO as they are resistant to antibiotics. So, infection control practitioners are tending to introduce new methods to reduce HAI transmittance as disinfecting touch surfaces and air or refurbish and socialize the older healthy practices as maintaining proper hand hygiene. Even these practices are continued, the problem persists, and the HAI infecting percentage shows an insignificant reduction rate.


Then, the infection detectors find the best solution with the seal shield infection control keyboards. These keyboards support for an efficient solution with no associated cost and available for any place as hospitals and medical centers. The seal shield infection control keyboard has synced an additional peripheral made of an antimicrobial material for in-built germ protection. This additive prevents and minimizes the actions of viruses, mildew, fungi and odor-causing bacteria which enters to the keyboards. The infection prevention staff have understood the beneficial impact of the seal shield infection control keyboards, as it reduces the continues cleaning which is merely inconvenient and takes a long time.


Along with the antimicrobial protection, these infection control keyboards are compatible with the feature waterproofs. If we observe the placement and the structure of the key at a keyboard, we will notice that most of the keys are not fully sealed. So, free space of these cavities let the dust, and sludge to enter and create an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. But the seal shield infection control keyboard is fully washable and can be fully submerged in water and bleaching solutions. So, these dust and debris can be cleaned effortlessly and transmitting of HAIs can be prevented.