X-ray Tubes And Why The Price Is So High?

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CT scanners are known to produce far better image quality and detail than x-ray imaging. CT images also allow doctors to acquire very precise and detailed images of the internal structure of the body. A CT scan produces cross-sectional images of the patient which are also known as slices. The images produced by CT scanners allow medical practitioners and doctors to make an improved diagnosis of patients.

CT tubes (more commonly known as X-ray tubes) are one of the most important parts of a CT scanner as it creates the x-rays. CT tubes are designed and manufactured specifically for the maximization of x-ray production as well as dissipating heat as fast as possible. These devices are actually quite simple electrical devices. The device contains two primary elements: a cathode and an anode.

So why are these devices so expensive?

CT tubes have a long history for being expensive. Even during the time of invention. Times haven’t exactly changed over the years. In fact, the prices are either rising or remain expensive. The newer CT tubes are known for costing a fortune – as much as 250,000 USD.

Typically, the main reason for this item being incredibly expensive is that the materials used for producing these pieces of equipment run at high prices. For manufacturing the tube, the metals used are also expensive. Additionally, some manufacturers like to add their own design to the device, which adds on to the price of the device.

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