Used CT Scanner Prices – Used Medical Equipment For Sale

Used CT Scanner Prices - Used Medical Equipment For Sale

A CT Scanner has many names and is also known as an x-ray Computed Tomography (X-ray CT) or computerized axial tomography scan. This is a type of medical imaging equipment that makes use of computer processed combinations of multiple x-rays pictures taken from various angles to create a cross-sectional image through virtual slices of specific areas is a scanned object. This form of x-ray would allow the user to be able to see within the object without cutting them open.

Unfortunately for buyers, medical imaging equipment (especially brand new) is incredibly expensive. The primary reason CT scans are so costly is that hospitals are trying to recoup those expenses through their imaging charging.

When it comes to purchasing medical imaging equipment, generally speaking, a CT scanning device can be as low as 65,000 USD for a refurbished piece of equipment. And when it comes to a larger and brand new CT scanning machine, the cost can run as high as 2.5 million USD. Considering the comparison of prices in new, used, and refurbished equipment, seeking for used medical equipment for sale or refurbished options is more practical to fit the budget while performing at an optimal level if the right system is purchased.

Additionally, for hospitals and imaging centers that use this medical imaging equipment, the base price for the machines is just the beginning. CT imaging machines usually cost around 100,000 USD for a single year in maintenance. This is because the equipment gets very hot and should have an internal cooling source which would also require a lot of energy.

At Amber Diagnostics, we believe that all patients deserve high-quality care and the best treatment possible regardless of the circumstances. Amber Diagnostics could assist in your practices by issuing some of the best used and refurbished medical imaging equipment for diagnosis. This includes CT scanning machines, MRI machines, portable or digital x-rays, and so on. All of our devices are guaranteed to provide the best results which would allow you to give the best care to patients regardless of any possible constraints such as restrictions on budget and space. A broad selection of CT imaging machines along with multiple other medical imaging equipment would be issued for buyers.

We are entirely aware that prices for imaging equipment for diagnosis skyrockets from what you had in mind and that’s why Amber Diagnostics guarantees we would offer the best prices in the industry while issuing products made by some of the most advanced manufacturers such as:
– GE.
– Philips.
– Picker.
– Siemens.
– Toshiba.

Our website provides detailed schemes on the imaging equipment to be supplied with information about the product listed to buyers. This is done so that buyers can make their appropriate decisions for their diagnostic imaging equipment.

Our goal is to furnish buyers with equipment, knowledge, and practical needs which would be required by operators of the equipment.
The ultimate motive of Amber Diagnostics is to help buyers with the medical equipment buying process and ensure the equipment performs at their best while looking brand new for patient and client satisfaction.