The Gist of MRI

The Gist of MRI

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan captures and creates a detailed image of any part of a human body, even full body scans. Apart from a slightly claustrophobic feeling, the MRI scan procedure is quite relaxed and easy to carry out for both the patient and the radiographer operating the machine.

Since its beginning in 1945, MRI machines have been improved and developed in many aspects for better performance and results. The machine has definitely come a long way from 1976, being a remarkable machine that could do a full body scan in 5 hours to the present day, much faster and efficient one and is even built as a Portable MRI Machine. The MRI scan can be trusted to be safe, and it is scarce for a patient to display side effects after the scan, apart from a bit of unease or nausea.

MRI machines contain powerful magnets, and it uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to scan a patient’s body and produce detailed images. Different parts of a human body can be examined, including the brain, heart, bones, joints, blood vessels, and other internal organs with the aid of MRI machines. The comprehensive pictures generated by these scanners are then used by medical specialists to diagnose conditions and diseases the patient might possess.

The protons, subatomic particles inside the human body were discovered to be sensitive to magnetic fields, and due to the magnetic field and radio waves generated by the scanner, the protons in your body change their alignment accordingly. Though the patient does not feel these changes, they can be detected and recorded by the computer of the MRI machine. The recorded data will then be used to map the image. It is not an understatement when you call MRI a life-saving technology because there is a list of medical issues that can be detected and prevented thanks to this technology, including the detection of brain anomalies, tumors, injuries in joints, heart problems, breast cancer, diseases in vital internal organs and many more.

The preparation a patient must go through for an MRI scan is straightforward. They will be instructed to remove all metallic objects or accessories adorned, and individuals with other types of medical devices implanted in their body will not be allowed to take MRI scans. The patient will be guided and supported by a radiographer, and all they have to do is lie in comfort on a bed, inside the scanner, and maybe even enjoy some music while taking care to stay still.

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