Most Common Security Systems Installed in Miami

Most Common Security Systems Installed in Miami

Miami, Florida, is a popular tourist destination. In addition to its population of over 470,000 residents, Miami attracts thousands of foreigners. The fact that Miami is a nice place to live in is undeniable. However, there is one disheartening thing about Miami. The crime rate is quite high. According to a report by the Miami-Dade Police Department for January 1st 2021 to June 6th 2021, total violent crimes were 2,589. Total non-violent crimes for the same period were 10,960.

These figures reflected a lower crime rate when compared to those of the same period in 2020. Some of these crimes were robberies and burglaries. Other reliable statistics reveal that one in twenty-four people is in danger of becoming a victim of a property crime in Miami. Crimes occur at a higher rate in places like Model City and Overtown. Provided that you are in Miami, you have to keep your property safe. In this article, we will share more about the security cameras Miami residents commonly use to ward off criminals.

Home Security Options in Miami

Residents of Miami have a selection of methods they use to improve the security of their homes. Apart from cameras for surveillance, they also use home security alarms and signs. Read about each popular method below:

  • Wireless surveillance cameras – These are easier and cheaper to install than wired security cameras. If you have a Wi-Fi connection at home, wireless surveillance cameras are a good choice. They capture everything that is happening around the property and generate video signals. As a result, wireless security cameras are very popular in Miami. They do not have to connect to an electricity socket to work, unlike wired security cameras. Also, they don’t depend on video cables to convey video signals to a computer or TV. Hence, wireless cameras for surveillance are very reliable.
  • Home alarm monitoring services – In addition to a surveillance camera, some properties in Miami use an alarm monitoring service.A homeowner does not do much other than pay a third party a monthly fee to monitor their residential property. Such a company monitors a home alarm for 24 hours. If something triggers the alarm, the company will first call the homeowner or then the police. Those who can deal with a recurring monthly cost use an alarm monitoring service to keep their homes safe. If you do not want a professional monitoring service, you can do self-monitoring. Although you will not pay a monthly fee, you will have to closely monitor your property and call security if something is amiss. This is difficult, explaining why most Miami residents prefer to pay someone to do the job for them.
  • Cellular alarms – The most traditional cellular alarms used even today use a phone line. These are unreliable because burglars need only to cut the phone line and force their entry. Nowadays these alarms use cellular networks. A professional installer places a cellular chip/cellular module into the Control Panel of an alarm. The chip acts as an intermediary between the alarm device and the monitoring company. Usually, the cellular chip does not have cables. So it transmits alarm signals via cellular towers. Cellular alarms work better and faster than traditional landline alarms. A home owner can send commands to their cellular alarm from any place. The fact that it allows remote access and monitoring makes it so reliable.

Where should you start?

If you live in Miami, or want to buy a house there, you can secure your property with the above security methods. To determine the right option, you should consider the price. If you have not saved enough money for the initial installation process, you can choose professional monitoring. Most security cameras Miami professionals will charge you a small monthly fee of up to forty dollars. They also have discounted deals for people who sign a monitoring contract.

If you are ready to install an alarm system, or a security camera, the initial cost will be slightly high. Depending on the complexity of the job, you can incur up to one thousand dollars. The amount is worth it because burglars target houses that have no any kind of detectors.

 Final Word

Without a doubt, monitoring systems can keep your residence secure. However, if you choose systems with flashing lights or sirens, these may alert the police. You therefore need a renewable annual license that costs $25. To renew a burglar alarm, you will pay $15 if you did not have a false alarm in the previous year. You can visit the Miami-Dade Police Department page to learn more. Meanwhile, do not get too stressed about the best camera installer in Miami. CSS Tech is the best company if you need success.