Long-term Effects Of Depression

Depression has becPsychiatrist Windermereome one of the most common mental health problems today. For some people, this distressing disorder could linger for multiple years. Scientists are not striving to understand how this disorder may affect the brain.

Statistically, it has been concluded that over 8.1% of individuals over the age of 20 struggle with depression over a given two weeks in the United States of America.

For some, depression may occur in episodes and can be overcome within a matter of a few weeks or sometimes months.

However, for other patients suffering from major depression that lasts over multiple years, this disorder could affect the ways individuals perform their daily activities and their quality of life.

Considering the cases of the major depression cases which lingers for years, scientists have studied the way in which depression affects the brain.

According to a team of researchers, results found from studying the effects of long-term depression should be treated as a higher level of the same condition. This means it may require another approach therapeutic for individuals other than the earlier phases of depression.

Although depression is not a neurogenerative disease, it is still similar to such conditions and correspondingly affects the brain through:
  • Serious inflammatory responses by the brain. 
  • Requires usage of anti-inflammatory drugs suggested by a specialist doctor.

However, for this process, further studies should be looked into before using such medication as a form of treatment for depression.

Depression, although incredibly common, is a severe disorder and is responsible for 50% of deaths affected by 25 million Americans each year. To be able to handle a disorder as dangerous as depression it is critical to look for the right psychiatrist Windermere to assist in the treatment required for individuals.

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