Image Intensifier or Flat Panel Detectors: Which Option is Right for You?

Image Intensifier or Flat Panel Detectors: Which Option is Right for You?

Currently, a more significant amount of C-Arm technologists have begun embracing trends that are growing in the industry; namely, moving from conventional image intensifiers to digital flat panel detectors. When Digital Flat panel detectors become more popular, people may begin to wonder whether analog or digital is right for them.

The following is a set of information that C-Arm purchasers should be aware of when choosing between a system with a conventional image intensifier as opposed to a flat panel detector system.

Image degradation.
While flat panel detector systems are a growing part of the market now more than ever, primarily to be used with mini C-Arms, conventional image intensifiers are still the current standards being used with full-sized C-Arms and are found in the majority of systems used today. Image intensifiers are capable of issuing high-quality pictures and have been doing so for numerous years. However, they may lose all image gain, and the quality of the images may decrease slowly. These systems are pricey to replace since it is harder to find brand new image intensifiers in the market. Fortunately, companies that issue used and refurbished medical equipment might be able to provide you with the required system for an appropriate price. A flat panel detector, however, provides minimal image degradation and can be used for a more extended period than an image intensifier.

When using an image intensifier, for higher magnification, more detail is visible. However, the scale of the image is reduced upon each step of the magnification. When using a flat panel detector, on the other hand, there is no reduction of scale at all.

Resolution of images.
For a flat panel detector, there is a greater chance of having a higher image resolution. While the resolution of both image intensifiers and digital flat panel detectors may vary according to the system chosen, flat panel detectors have a greater chance of producing more consistent and high-quality images.

Software platform.
During the introduction of flat panel detectors, manufacturers paired hardware with cardiac, vascular and other advanced packages. However, over the years, more prominent firms have infused these systems with basic surgical software packages as well. In the future, we may see that flat panel detectors would be able to cater to practitioners of all specialties.

The facts mentioned above may seem in favor of flat panel detectors over image intensifiers. However, in certain instances, image intensifiers may be a better choice when it comes to the price of the system and considering servicing and the cost of the parts needed for repair. In fact, since image intensifiers are being used all around the world as a more common option, the components can be acquired more easily. This, in turn, can ensure that if your image intensifier is suffering from damage, you can find an engineer within range to cater to your image intensifier related needs effectively at an affordable price.

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