How Much Does an MRI Machine Cost?

How Much Does an MRI Machine Cost?

What is an MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a type of medical scanning technique used to produce images of the physical and physiological factors of the organs of the body. An MRI scanning machine has a large tube that contains strong magnetic fields and radio waves to generate these images. Compared to CT Scan and X-Rays, MRI is a safer option because it does not use harmful radiations to diagnose conditions in the various organs. MRI produces clear images of the tissues which help doctors to identify the issue easily.

How much does an MRI machine cost?

Because of the range of benefits it provides, many hospitals, medical providers and scanning centers lean towards putting their investment in MRI machines. This raises two big questions: Is an MRI scanner affordable? How much does an MRI machine cost?

Factors affecting the cost of an MRI scanner:

Several factors affect how much an MRI machine costs:

  • Spatial Resolution – The number of pixels used to build an MRI image. The more the pixels, the more clear a digital image will be
  • Magnetic strength – The magnetic signal strength is measured by Tesla (T). The stronger the signal, the more vivid the details will be and it takes less time to complete the scanning process.
  • Magnetic gradient coils and slew rate – The more number of coils or loop wires and the shift of current into these coils help with a parallel encoding of various tissues of the body. These parameters also contribute to the clarity and the time taken for the scan. MRI with 16-32 channel coils costs more than those with 4-8 channel coils.
  • Type of MRI – whether it’s a Closed MRI, Wide-Bore MRI, Open MRI, Upright or Standing MRI, Extremity MRI or Tesla MRI

MRI TypeMagnetic strength (in Tesla – T)Advantages or usesDisadvantages
Closed MRI1.5 T (Gold standard) to 3.0 T* Traditional MRI * Due to closed-loop, the images will be clearMRI Bore tube diameter of 60cm causes discomfort and claustrophobia in patients
Wide-Bore MRI1.5 T to 3.0T* More room for patients, so less chance of discomfort. * 70cm bore diameter (10cm extra compared to closed MRI) and can accomodate patients of weight up to 550 lbs. * Less scan time (average 20 minutes) compared to traditional machines (average 45 minutes).Image quality not as great as closed MRI due to increased headspace.
Open MRI.03 T to 0.7 T* Comfortable for patients with fear and anxiety * More room for large patients. * Less noise than closed MRI.Lower image resolution compared to closed MRI
Upright or Standing MRIUp to 0.6 T* Scan done in sitting or standing position so very comfortable for claustrophobic and large patients. * Ideal for spine MRI and other abnormalities to be detected in the person’s usual weight-bearing upright state. * Patient can even watch TV to divert and forget the time spent on MRI.Not ideal for detailed imaging.
Extremity MRI1.5 T* Cheaper option * Diagnoses conditions in arms, hands, feet, legs * Less noiseSmaller scanner not ideal for brain or detailed imaging
Tesla MRI3.0 T to 10.5 T* State-of-the-art advanced MRI * Clear vivid images because they use powerful magnets twice as strong as that of traditional MRI * Identifies even the small tissues in the body * Some has features such as watching movies during the scan reducing the discomfort for claustrophobic patients * Lifetime is 10 years compared to 8 years of traditional ones.* MRI Machine cost is very high and also the maintenance costs * Due to stronger signals it could sense even slight movement in the body, so image may be distorted and may have dark spots * Overheating and noise

Other Miscellaneous factors:
  • Warranty
  • Brand
  • New or Used or Refurbished machine
  • Maintenance and individual part costs

Based on these factors, now lets answer the question: How much does an MRI machine cost?

  • Cost of new MRI equipment ranges from $150,000 for a 0.3T machine to $3 million for a state-of-the-art 3T machine.
  • Most common and high-quality MRI machines are offered by brands such as Philips, GE and Siemens. Other options including but not limited to Toshiba and Hitachi are also available.
  • 1.5 Tesla is considered to be an ideal magnetic strength for most MRIs. A standard 1.5T machine from these brands can range from $100,000 to $500,000 depending on the quality of the coils and warranty.
  • Some of the high tesla machines offer comfort to the patients with the installation of screens to watch movies, etc. 3T machines with extreme clarity including the maintenance costs may even cost $6 million.
  • Not just the MRI machine cost, one has to consider the costs required to install the equipment in a spacious room for the comfort of the patients. Also, the power usage while operating these machines add to the total cost.

Best solution to meet all your MRI needs:

The higher the cost of an MRI machine, the higher the cost a patient has to pay for an MRI scan, to balance the money spent on the purchase of the equipment. To combat the growing needs of medical advancements and the competition, many healthcare providers try to purchase supreme MRIs with a reasonable price so that they can provide affordable service. Instead of buying a new machine, used or refurbished ones cost lesser. Used MRIs are generally 50-80% lower in prices and refurbished MRIs are 30-40% lower than prices of new MRIs.

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An MRI machine is a lifetime investment. One has to choose a wise option to satisfy both the scanning needs and also the budget. Amber Diagnostics USA helps you with every step of your MRI journey right from installation to maintenance by providing customizable, low cost, high-quality MRI scanners.