What is the Current Cost of Surrogacy in California?

What is the Current Cost of Surrogacy in California?

Realizing that you cannot conceive or carry a child can be devastating for couples who want to be parents. At one time, it would be a fact that they had to live with or turn to adoption. The issue here is that due to contraception and unmarried mothers not being forced to give up their child, there are fewer children to adopt. The good news is that there are now women prepared to carry and give birth to a child and then hand it over for others to keep.

What is the Current Cost of Surrogacy in California?

As you would imagine, there has to be a surrogacy California cost to ensure it is run accurately. It will be best to work out a budget as it is not a thing that can be done cheaply. For people in California, it can cost between $100,000 and $140,000. Although the figure may seem high at first sight, you will understand and be glad that the categories are included when you see the breakdown. The areas covered are: –

• Payments made to the surrogate
• Costs incurred by the agency
• Medical tests
• Psychological analysis
• Legal input
• Health insurance
• Life insurance

Surrogacy Payment

There is going to be a significant change to the life of the surrogate. They may have to face opposition to what they are doing, but even without that, they have to deal with things. Their normal way of life will be on hold for at least the duration of the pregnancy. There will be some discomfort and pain, and for that, they receive around $4000 if this is their first time. This can increase if they have been a surrogate before or has more than one child for you. This covers living costs, loss of earnings, and funds for maternity clothes.

Agency Fee

The agency will be working hard for both sides. It will not stop when the child is born, and you can count on the support of Made in the USA Surrogacy. You will want to know that your interests are covered as well as the interests of the surrogate. Multiple steps must be taken to ensure the person is the right one for you.

Medical Screening

There will be a Reproductive Endocrinologist carrying out a safety screening. This will ensure there is a safe pregnancy and no risk to mother or child.

Psychological Screening

There should be at least one session with a psychologist. This applies to surrogate and prospective parents. They need to know both groups are fully aware of what they are doing. They will not be there to take one side or another.

Legal Representation

Both sides should take legal advice from surrogacy lawyers in California as the rules around surrogacy are complex. There will be a full explanation of the process, and it must be clear that the party understands. Agencies can provide details of attorneys suitable for this process. The surrogate will have their costs covered by the parents.

Health Insurance

As the parents, you will be covering the surrogacy California cost if they are not already covered and have to have funds in place for the child after the birth.

Life Insurance

It is needed if the unthinkable happens, and the surrogate dies because of the pregnancy or birth.

Finding the Funds

If finding the cost upfront is a problem for you,, it does not mean you cannot be a parent. Made in the USA, Surrogacy can provide details of a partner who can help with finance. All costs are included, so there will not suddenly be another bill appearing.