Northern California Surrogate Center for Parents and Surrogates

Northern California Surrogate Center for Parents and Surrogates

Different types of surrogacy practiced in Northern California:

 Traditional Surrogacy:

Traditional surrogacy is a method of a woman carrying a baby for another woman in which the egg is not provided by the intended parent i.e., the surrogate is genetically related to the baby. This type of surrogacy is approached by same-sex couples or couples who have reproductive issues.

 Gestational Surrogacy:

It is a type of pregnancy in which the genetic mother (intended parent) provides the egg; it is then fertilized and implanted into the surrogate mother. This type of surrogacy is much practised across the state of California and the United States. Most surrogacy centers provide arrangements for gestational surrogacy as this is straight forward and involves less risk compared to traditional surrogacy. This is because, in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate may be emotionally attached to the baby because of genetic relationship and may refuse to hand over the child to the intended parents.

 Altruistic Surrogacy:

Altruistic surrogacy refers to the surrogacy procedure in which the surrogate does not receive any monetary benefits. In this type, mostly the surrogate mother will be a close acquaintance to the intended parents. She can be a close friend or a relative. In some cases, the surrogate mother may be a third party who provides free service and is willing to help the parents without compensation.
In these cases, the surrogates will provide service for self-satisfaction.

 Commercial Surrogacy:

Any kind of surrogacy in which the surrogate mother receives money/compensation for her services apart from insurance coverage of medical expenses is called commercial surrogacy. Some countries do not allow commercial surrogacy. It involves signing up an agreement with the compensation package.

Northern California surrogate center for parents and surrogates:

Being a surrogacy friendly state, California especially the Northern California which contains the popular cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc., have many surrogate centers increasing yearly. Since most women have the ability to produce a child but don’t have healthy reproductive system to carry a child, these centers offer gestational surrogacy.

The question is how to find a proper surrogacy agency that is fit for you?

The following factors or questions may help you finding the right one:
• Does it provide matching service to link a proper surrogate to the intended parents?
• Does it provide counselling service and guidance to take an initial decision and throughout the journey?
• Does it provide a proper screening process of the intended parents and California surrogate to give birth to a healthy child?
• Does it scrutinize the involved parties background according to the state and local laws?
• How much surrogacy compensation does it offer?
• If travel arrangements are taken care as part of the service.
• Does it arrange legal counsel for parents and surrogates?
• Can it refer you to medical and legal professionals whenever needed? Are the professionals certified?
• Is it transparent explaining the cost paid by the intended parents? Or
• If continuous customer service and emotional or moral support are provided.
• If any other services like monitoring IVF, embryo transfer process, are done.
The services offered can be found in the respective agency’s official webpage. In addition to looking at the list of services, one should make sure to research well and look for reviews by experienced parents and surrogates.

The best surrogate center in Northern California:

Since surrogacy is a lengthy process and involves financial obligation, you have to find an agency that you can trust and has proper customer service to address all your queries and issues. Made in the USA Surrogacy center helps you through a safe, legal and happy surrogacy journey to completion by providing professional and moral advice and by connecting you to certified legal and medical professionals. They are distributed across Northern California offering services in the following cities: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco. They provide moral support to both the California surrogate and the intended parents in the entire process.