Custom Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

Custom Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

A custom closet design is a great way to maximize the small space in your home. A custom closet design is often the best option when there isn’t enough room left on your property to build out an entire closet. They’re a perfect place to add some extra storage, and they’re relatively inexpensive to remodel. There are so many styles and designs out there that you can make your own or go with something that already exists. Here are some great Custom Closet Ideas for Small Spaces:

Hanging a Step Ladder

Find a low-cost step ladder and hang it on the wall. It might take up a bit of floor space, but this idea is excellent if you need some extra hanging room for garments. You can mount the step ladder with wheels on the back to pull it out when needed. This is especially useful for short people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach the top of their closets. The best part? This is a super cheap solution.

Using Tie Racks

Tie racks are super cheap and easy to install and are also great for getting rid of those tie hangers (which can be bulky). Hang them on the wall with some push pins, or install a long hook under your shelf if you have enough space. You can hang the tie racks on the door for custom closets (Orlando custom closets) and arrange them however you want. The possibilities for tie racks are endless.

Using Cubbies

Custom closets aren’t just for shoes. If you have a small closet, use the space to create some cubbies for smaller items. They’re great for kids, especially if they enjoy putting their toys away and organizing things. Cubbies look better than the plastic bins you can buy at the store, and they’re a lot cheaper too.

Using Hooks

Long hooks are a fantastic space saver and are especially useful in an apartment with many other things in the room (e.g., electric appliances, lamps, etc.) You can attach the long hooks to your closet doors and hang them aside by the item they’re used for. Not only do you save space, but you also save time – no more having to search for the correct hanger.

Using Sliding Compartments

You can buy a set of sliding drawers (like the ones in this article), or you can build your own. The idea here is to use less horizontal space and build a custom closet that uses vertical space better. You might have to do some major restructuring to get this done, but it works. The drawers are great for storing longer gowns or even bulky items like sweaters and long scarves.

Using Pegs and Racks

You might consider converting it into a walk-in closet if you have a spare room. Build the wall with pegboard and wooden racks, then install railings on the middle section of the wall. This way, you can hang long garments like dresses or jackets. You can even use hooks to hang handbags. The Peg Board makes everything look neat and organized and easy to customize. Custom closets don’t have to be complicated.

Use internal dividers

You can use internal dividers to add more if you have a lot of storage space and don’t want to mess with the walls. This works exceptionally well if you have kids or a wide selection of items (like shoes). You can place them inside your closet doors, and they’ll keep everything neat. Or, you can hang them on the back walls and arrange them however you need. They’re great for laundry rooms, too – just like in a real house.

Mirror Doors

Mirror doors are a great way of making your closet seem bigger (especially if you have a small one). The reflective surface bounces the light around the room and makes it seem brighter, giving your closet a clean, open feel. It’s easy to install, too – find one that fits on your doorway and replace the current door. You can even add some mirror panels to your other walls as well.

There’s no reason to be disorganized. With a bit of ingenuity, you can turn any small space into a functional, functional closet. The best way to have your custom closet designed and build is by taking the help of the professionals in the field. Investing in custom closets (Orlando custom closets) will save you money in the long run and make your house look much better.