Considerations For Split-Custody.

child support lawyers in Orlando FLWhen it comes to custody awarding, the one thing that every state has in common is the consideration of what would be in the best interest of the child/children. Judges normally prefer that parents work together to form the best possible custody agreement for the children and the family. If parents can’t agree on a custody arrangement, they may require the assistance of a judge to help them make a decision.

When determining custody, there are two types of custody to consider:

• Legal custody.
This refers to the parental rights to make decisions about the education, religion, medical needs, and welfare of their child/children.

• Physical custody.
This is where the courts will decide where the child will live.

While divorce can be devastating for parents, it can affect children more on an emotional level. To get through the process, children would normally lean on their siblings for support. However, only in extreme cases would judge decide on split-custody which is the separation of siblings.
For split-custody, the judges would prefer that parents work together to make the best split-custody decisions for the children.

Sometimes, the preference of the child can convince the judge on the decision of the child to live with a specific parent. If the child is old enough to make rational decisions and identifies more with one of the parents, the judge may award custody to that parent.

Split custody can also be right for a child if the child’s safety is in danger or if the child has special needs. While all siblings may have disputes, if siblings experience abuse among each other, separation of the children might be the best option. Additionally, if one child has special needs, it may be best for a parent to devote their time tending to that child’s needs.

Another factor to consider is relocation. Some children prefer moving away with one parent while others may want to stay in the same location where their lives are better.

Divorce can be a complicated process for children. To establish what’s best for the children, searching for the best possible child support lawyers in Orlando FL can help. A competent lawyer can make the process a little less complicated. NO name guarantees their experienced, professional, and empathetic lawyers to yield the best outcome for client cases. Contact us now for a consultation!