California Surrogacy Center – The Road to Parenthood

California Surrogacy Center – The Road to Parenthood

Surrogacy, also termed gestational surrogacy has become an important part of many people. This topic should be discussed with an open mind. Through this process, people who are struggling with infertility have the chance to bring the baby home that they always wanted. This process is also helping the people of the LGBTQ community by growing their families. There are a lot of things people should keep in mind before starting the journey of surrogacy. People have to make big decisions like choosing a surrogacy agency, choosing a surrogate partner, and finding a legal attorney. The laws for surrogacy are different in every state in the USA.

The surrogacy agencies in California have the most successful & advanced clinics around the globe. They have cutting-edge technology and fertility experts who have achieved success in their field. They have access to the latest technique to practice embryology. With all this facility, it makes California an attractive destination for people who are looking for gestational surrogacy. In California, the legal system for the process of surrogacy is brilliant. Many countries do not allow commercial surrogacy, which makes the surrogacy process more complex.

There are two ways of Surrogacy:

• Commercial surrogacy: It is a surrogacy arrangement in which a potential surrogate gets a compensation package. In this parents agrees to cover all legal expenses, medical costs, travel expenses, and other expenditures that may arise during the process.

• Altruistic surrogacy: It is a surrogacy in which the surrogate does not receive any monetary benefit. In an altruistic surrogacy, the potential surrogate is in close relation to the parents. California allows commercial surrogacy to benefit surrogate mothers for their contribution towards well-being.

California has a less complex process for a surrogacy arrangement, as a surrogacy agencies in California provides consultancy service before starting the medical process. In California, the laws for gestational surrogacy are exceptional which are written to protect the rights of the surrogate mother, the egg donor (if required), the intended parents, & the resulting baby. Parents don’t have to go to court for the legal process as they can easily take help from a surrogacy attorney. Parents only have to sign some important papers with the attorney.

California is the only state that follows pre-birth parentage order, in which parents are allowed to establish their legal parental rights. The order consist of the following things:

• Intended parents are declared to be the child’s legal parents.
• Parents are allowed to make the decision regarding the medication of their child.
• Parents are allowed to have their names listed on their child’s birth certificate.
• The child is been handover to the parents after the delivery.

Intended parents & potential surrogates should have their separate lawyers, who will represent their separate interests. They are not allowed to share the common legal counsel. Before validating under the law, the agreement for surrogacy should be notarized. The medication process for surrogacy starts only after the agreement is been notarized and executed. The rule is also the same for the people who come to California from other states for gestational surrogacy. They are given equal rights & protections regarding the surrogacy process. If people are coming from another country, they have to sign the additional legal paper but rest all rules & regulations are the same. So before the surrogacy process, people should research fertility clinics, attorneys, and surrogacy agencies. People should trust professional surrogacy experts and ask them questions without hesitation.

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