What Everyone Ought To Know About Becoming a Surrogate Mother In California

What Everyone Ought To Know About Becoming a Surrogate Mother In California

When a woman can have her own children, she feels for couples that are infertile. Since she can help them, she will look into being a surrogate mother. She will carry the baby to term but it will be a baby from the couple’s egg and sperm.

This is something that will really mean a lot to the couple. They will be supportive of the surrogate so that the child can come into being.

Become A Surrogate In California

If a woman wants to be a surrogate, she will need to go through a process. The process may be difficult at times but she will get through because she will have lots of support along the way.

When a woman is inclined to be a surrogate, she needs to make sure that she is doing everything possible to be sure that she is healthy enough to carry a baby to term. This is one of the fundamental aspects that a surrogate must realize because it can make such a difference.

Qualifications Of A Surrogate

There are certain qualifications that a possible surrogate will need to possess. This is so she can be matched with a potential couple. These qualifications are numerous and here are some of them:

  • Have Had One Baby And Carried It To Term
  • Be Healthy
  • Only Can Have Had One C-Section
  • Own Healthy Insurance
  • Non-Smoker
  • No Second-Hand Smoke
  • Live In Surragacy-Friendly Area

She will need to be a good person that wants to help others. Since being a surrogate will take certain abilities, she will need to possess them. It’s important that she eats right at all times. Getting enough sleep is also warranted. She should exercise on a regular basis so that she can bring a healthy child into the world.

The Application Process For A Surrogate In California

The application process is thorough. A woman will need to go through quite a bit in order to be a surrogate. Making sure that she follows all the steps is important and here are some of the things that she will need to do:

  • Online Application On The Made In The USA Surrogacy Website
  • Formal Application
  • Background Check
  • Being Cleared By A OB Doctor

Customer Service And Support For Surrogates

The customer service and support are excellent for surrogates. All of their questions will be answered thoroughly so that they can make informed decisions. They will also have any problems or issues rectified in a short period of time.

They want a surrogate mother to know that they are there and will support her throughout the process of becoming a surrogate. It will show the woman how much she is cared about.

Base Pay And Benefits For Surrogates

When a woman becomes a surrogate, they will receive base pay. The base pay for a surrogate is $40,000 and it goes up from there depending on the circumstances. There is also a benefit package that she will receive.

Made In The USA Surrogacy

Made In The USA Surrogacy is a good company and a safe choice for a woman that wants to become a surrogate in California. The owner was also a surrogate that helped a couple that had only one egg left to have a family.

All of the people that are on the team at Made In The USA Surrogacy are interested in helping infertile couples start a family. One out of every six couples cannot have children of their own and that is why surrogacy is the answer.

In Conclusion

Becoming a surrogate in California is a long process. It’s all worth it when a woman feels the need to help a couple to have a child. She feels a need to assist them and since she can, she will go to great lengths to be considered for a surrogate in California.

Since she will receive a good base pay and benefits package, the surrogate mother will be well taken care of. She will receive the support and help that she needs all the way through the process. If she needs assistance, she will be able to get it because what she is doing is very important to the infertile couple and to herself also.