TQM Software From HGINT

Total quality management is not a new philosophy to the business world of today. Introduced decades ago, principles of total quality management are still being used successfully by companies all over. All highly successful companies have revealed that quality is the key to being more competitive. And being more competitive in today’s market is crucial […]

QMS Software

Are you looking for a well-rounded QMS Software that will help you conform to even the strictest of regulations? Then our software is the one for you. Our quality management software offers a wide range of facilities for its end users. Once it is in place, you’ll realize that it is simply indispensable. It can […]

The Best Corrective And Preventive Action Software Of All Time

For all those companies out there seeking to obtain compliance with quality standards, Corrective Action Software is a must. Standard regulations have decreed that a system for managing corrective and preventive actions of a company is crucial for quality. Issues may arise at any given time. There is no possibility of forecasting their occurrence. That […]

Employee Training Management Software From The Best

Managing your employees’ training and ensuring that they are fully qualified at all times, requires skill. It is not a one-time process. It requires continuous monitoring and engagement to make sure that employee certifications are maintained. What you require to address your employee training needs effectively, is a Training Manager Software. It is the solution […]

Calibration Recall By HGINT

Calibration of equipment involved in the production is a routine procedure for manufacturers. As routine as it may be, the process does not sometimes receive enough attention and therefore call for inefficiencies. That is where our professional services are called for. Calibration Tracking Software developed by Harrington Group International can help you address those discrepancies. […]

Gain The Best Out Of Quality Management System

Today, while many companies are struggling to achieve quality standards, here at Harrington Group International, we have introduced the perfect solution that can help you achieve the said quality standards without any struggle whatsoever. A challenge as it may seem to be. We have developed the ultimate solution, our very own Quality Management System Software […]