The Evolution of X-ray Technology Over 100 Years

The Evolution of X-ray Technology Over 100 Years

Considering the history of all technology, one of the best technical contributions to the medical industry has been the latest forms of x-ray machines. It has been over 100 years since the first discovery of x-ray machines. People may not be able to imagine that there would be much new regarding x-ray technology. However, one of the last introductions by Siemens included a press kit for their new robotic x-ray room technology. Compared to the first form of x-ray machines developed over a century ago, these advancements have brought a whole new cutting-edge form of radiology equipment to the market.

So How Do X-Ray Devices Work?

We can look at an x-ray as a type of camera. However, instead of using visible light as a camera does, the machine uses x-rays to expose the film. X-rays are essentially like light – in that we can understand that x-rays are electromagnetic waves. Although, x-rays are far more energetic. This means that they can penetrate through various materials to varying degrees. When the electromagnetic waves hit the film, they expose the image just as light would. Since the internal parts of the body, like bones and fat, all absorb the rays at different levels, the image that is produced allows the radiologist to view the parts of the body at different levels of exposure on the film.

X-ray imaging was discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen. A short time after Wilhelm Roentgen first uncovered what he termed as “X-rays” in the year 1985, the first x-ray image he produced was an image of his wife’s hand. This image was the first medical imaging picture published as an international breakthrough. The technology then revolutionized the entire medial industry, and Wilhelm Roentgen was awarded a Nobel Prize in physics in 1901. Being the symbol of the introduction of medical imaging, the image of the first x-ray of Roentgen’s wife’s hand, the first thing that comes to mind is the vast comparison of that image as compared to the newest 3-D reconstruction of the same hand by Siemen’s new Multiton Rax robotic X-ray system. The comparison of both images simply shows how far technology has advanced from a blurry image of the bones to a photo-like image of superior quality. Finally, with all the developments in the medical imaging industry, the most beneficial factor is that more people are able to receive an improved diagnosis of their internal structures in a non-invasive method.

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