Few Facts About Hives

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The symptoms of hives include:
  • Bumps on the skin either red or skin-colored.
  • When the bumps are pressed, it turns white.
  • Shape and location of the bumps may vary and appear and disappear over short periods of time.

Hives can either be short-lived (acute) or long-term (chronic). Neither acute nor chronic hives are fatal, although if any swelling appears in the throat and restricts breathing in a person, immediate care is required.

Different things besides an infection typically cause hives. However, hives can form by a virus. Hives can also be caused by a sort of allergen the individual may have. Additionally, the skin condition can also be triggered by hormonal changes or can even be caused by intense emotional changes in certain situations.

In certain instances, the trigger of the skin condition might be obvious, such as when a person eats something they are allergic to – like peanuts. In other times, however, the trained eye of a dermatologist The Villages FL might be required to determine the severity of the skin condition.

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